Installation of Satellite Internet Services

The Network Services Support Company specializes in all the various types of Internet including DSL, Cable and satellite Internet services. Since we are located in Alabama we do install a lot of satellite Internet as it is the most prominent in this area. We always get asked who is the best satellite Internet provider and it really all depends on how you are going to use your Internet. Do you use it mostly for streaming or do you just download occasionally. These types of things are going to determine the best choice for you. We also point people to as they do a great job of listing out the differences in satellite TV and especially satellite Internet.

Your best option will be going with the same company to receive a discount on both services. Please remember that the Network Services Support Company is able to setup surround sound for your home entertainment system as well as Internet access. Just call one of our specialists and they can setup a time where we will come out and provide you with a free consultation and go over your options for setting up the best entertainment system for your home. We have been doing this for many years so please trust the professionals at the Network Services and Support Company to the task.

Managed Services

Let’s face it every company needs help with their computers and what a better way to save time, money and headache than hiring a managed services provider? What is a managed services provider one might ask? Great question. A MSP or managed service provider provides support for all technical devices in your company from computers, printers, notebooks and tablets. If it is electronic an MSP can provide services for it.

There are also benefits of using a MSP because they typically provide software like anti-virus software that enables them to catch viruses and malicious software on your computer before it becomes an issue. Typically services cost around $50 per user per month depending on what all is offered. Just do a search for managed services providers in your area and you will be sure to find someone.

Managed Services Providers